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Will Celebrity Weight Loss Work for You?


We live in a world which is based on celebrity, and we often fall for celebrity weight loss methods. We are obsessed by the way celebrities live and look. We look at them with envy,often wishing that we could be like them.

Beautiful bodies appear on magazine covers and advertisements. We buy these magazines and advertised products, thinking that we may pick up methods to improve our lives. We want to wear what these people wear and we want to look like these people look. Celebrities are big business, and the key term is ‘business’.

Celebrity weight loss for the majority of us is an illusion. Everything is glossed up, but the reality never lives up to the hype that we all too often fall for.

Most celebrities crave two things, which are money and fame, and they will do whatever it takes to get both. The face on a cover with a lovely smile and twinkling eyes isn’t looking at you. It is looking at a camera, it doesn’t know who you are and it doesn’t care.

For many people celebrities have become role models, and when they something we listen. When they say that they have lost weight in a particular way, we follow what they did. Most of the time we don’t get the same results. We don’t think that these celebrities are endorsing or promoting products, or that their lifestyles enable them to to lose weight much easier than the rest of us.

Large companies pay huge sums of cash to celebrities to promote their products? They do so in the hope that the people will buy these products. Because our culture is celebrity driven, we oblige.

In all honesty a lot of the methods celebrities use for losing weight isn’t practical for the rest of us. Sometimes celebrities do one thing and tell us another. Anything to make you buy a product.

These people have other people that do things for them:

They have their kids picked up from school

They have maids that clean their homes

They have people to cook for them

They have well equipped home gyms

They have personal trainers

They can afford to buy the best food

They can afford to buy supplements

They have access to the best private healthcare.

They have money for weight loss surgery.

How much of these benefits do you have? Now do you think that you can lose weight like a celebrity? We need to find ways to lose weight which are going to suit our lifestles and keep away from the mad world of the celebrity.

Losing weight is not a hard concept to accept once we stop looking for a quick or easy fix. Understand that it will take time and understand that as long as you stick to your weight loss plan,it will happen for you.

It’s all about what is going to work for you, not about what is working for someone else. Two people can do exactly the same things trying to lose weight, but each can have very different results.

The bottom line is that you need to burn more calories than you consume. You can consume less calories or you can do more exercise, and there is not much more to weight loss than this.

So in conclusion, will celebrity weight loss work for you? The chances are that it probably will not.

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