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Why People Love Entertainment Celebrity News


There are many reasons why people just love to read about Hollywood celebrities and look at candid photos of their escapades and daily activities, which psychologists have spent considerable time trying to explain. One of the main reasons that people love entertainment celebrity news is for the simple amusement of reading about and viewing photos from famous people’s lives. Many people also feel as if they can identify to one Hollywood celebrity or another, either for their physical attributes or their supposed personal traits.

Another simple explanation for the Hollywood celebrity obsession is the simple diversion of reading celebrity news and looking at their scandalous photos. Sometimes entertainment celebrity news can help depressed people lift their spirits because it allows them to focus on some outer experience that breaks their obsession with themselves. Most people that look at the Hollywood celebrity magazines and online gossip sites aren’t particularly depressed, however, but they do find it enjoyable and diversionary to see images of very attractive and well known stars while breaking from their day-to-day routine activities.

Yet another reason for the obsession with Hollywood celebrities is the esteem build-up that it can provide when the rich and famous slip and fall. When Hollywood celebrities have a messy public life, especially when they are a multi-billion dollar earner with many adoring fans, it makes people feel better. These public humiliations make people that their personal lives are at least more successful, although their professional lives might not be as celebrated and opulent.

Entertainment celebrity news is really a pastime for the general public, whether it’s for the simple diversion, the identification or the personal gratification that it offers. As long as people don’t start confusing celebrity news with the real news, and the celebrities or their families aren’t physically endangered, it should be harmless.

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