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Why Chose Silestone? Just a Few Reasons.

Editor’s Note: This post was provided to us by Countertop Designs of Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin. Countertop Designs specializes in Silestone and granite countertops.

Silestone is the leading produce of quartz in the world, and for a good reason. With its combination of science and style, it will be the perfect addition to your home as a kitchen or bathroom countertops.  If that alone doesn’t convince you, here are a few more reasons:

Wide Selection: Silestone is available in a variety of colors that are bold and daring as well as neutral and understated. Unlike many other materials, Silestone quartz is known for its uniformity and consistency of design.

It Is Highly Versatile. Because it is strong and sturdy, Silestone quartz can be used for a variety of surfaces including kitchen bathroom and even flooring. It is also great for islands, back splashes, tables, walls and fireplace surrounds.

It is Scratch Resistant. Unlike many materials, quartz countertops are the most durable available. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, quartz is a seven (diamonds are a 10), making only diamond, sapphire and topaz more durable than quartz.

It is Maintenance Free. Quartz is nonporous (unlike granite, marble and limestone) and does not need to be sealed. The reason they need to be maintained is because they are porous and therefore more prone to staining. Quartz is completely solid and doesn’t need to be sealed every six months.

It is Stain Resistant. Again, since Silestone quartz is nonporous, it is very resistant to stains from various household products like juice, wine, vinegar, makeup and coffee. As a result, Silestone quartz is able to maintain its shine and gloss.

It is Scorch Resistant.  Many solid surfaces and laminates are not heat resistant, making cooking and cleaning in the kitchen very inconvenient. With Silestone, even a lit match won’t scorch your countertops.

SIlestone is extremely reliable and has been producing quality quartz for years. Ask your local countertop producer for more information about how you can beautify your home without compromising on function.

For more information on Countertop Designs, their corporate office is located at: 1522 Silica Ave Sacramento, CA 95815

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