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White Spots

My Tooth SpaI have white spots on my teeth, which is very common. But I still wanted to contact my Dentist in Carmichael just to be sure. It never bothered me very much until one showed up on my front tooth. It was really noticeable and I got really self conscious of it when I smiled. Apparently it’s called Hypoplasia, and is caused from some sort of disturbance that occurred when the tooth was being formed. I heard that excess fluoride can be a cause as well. Either way, I wanted it gone!

I went into my family dentists at My Tooth Spa in Fair Oaks and Carmichael and told them what was happening. They explained that it was exactly what I thought it was, and talked me through the ways of getting it removed, or at least making it less noticeable. I decided which method I thought would be best and we moved forward.

They treated the spot on my tooth and it looks amazing now. I can’t believe it ever used to have that giant white spot! I’m so glad they were able to fix the problem and make me proud of my smile again. Thanks My Tooth Spa!

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