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Triggonomics Celebrity Fashion Has a Niche for Men?s Clothing and Women?s Clothing


Triggonomics comes from the name of its owner Frank Trigg, who developed the athletic urban apparels into a celebrity clothing as he himself is a celebrity in the fighting field. As a celebrity clothing, people who is into celebrity fashion would readily grab the signature in Triggonomics under fight fashion.

If you are into celebrity fashion in the athletics and sporty categories, Triggonomics has a lot to offer. This celebrity clothing has developed fight fashion for streets and gyms wear. In men’s clothing, Triggonomics offers T-shirts which has several sizes colors and designs to choose from. It has small to 3x large sizes; colors from red, shades of blue, gray and brown, black and white; and designs that bears Triggonomics signature of varied prints and colors. The prices of T-shirts range from 20 dollars to 40 dollars. Hoodies is another group in men’s clothing with choices of zipped and non-zipped of varied colors as well. The sizes range from extra small to double x large with price ranging from 50 to 52 dollars. Hats and beanies is another category with hats having medium and large sizes while beanies have only 1 size. Prices range from 16 to 25 dollars for hats and 16 dollars for beanies. On the other hand, Triggonomics also has women’s clothing currently offering only T-shirts and panties. T-shirts for women’s clothing has sizes from extra small to large in variant colors and designs. Its price is at 35 dollars each. Panties in Triggonomics is priced at 20 dollars with sizes from extra small to large, in various Triggonomics prints and colors for that fight fashion intimate apparel.

Frank Trigg is a celebrity in the fighter’s arena as he had participated in several fighting championships events as well as has been a veteran in promotions for fighting events such as the Icon Sports, Ultimate Fighting Championships, Pride Fighting Championships, World Fighting Alliance and Rumble on the rock. He is also into commentators and co-hosting in radio shows.

When he developed the celebrity clothing under Triggonomics, he had in mind the quality athletics urban wear that’s fit for fight fashion in gyms, streets and clubs. The fight fashion is actually incorporated in the designs of the apparels. Those who already knew Frank Trigg as a fighter would think immediately that his celebrity clothing lines are under fight fashion categories. But for those who do not know such signature in the celebrity clothing in Triggonomics, they would think that it is an ordinary design on regular T-shirts, hoodies, beanies and hats.

Fortunately, Triggonomics celebrity clothing is available online. Not only are the items readily available and accessible but the online store also updates and tells the story behind the celebrity clothing signature. For those who are into celebrity fashion, they will be able to relate Triggonomics as their celebrity fashion for athletics looks. Indeed, Triggonomics would have a market niche in the apparels industry as it features celebrity fashion in athletics field. Being into celebrity fashion, Triggonomics would be a profitable business.

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