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Three Most Common Weight Loss Myths

The various health magazines are always producing tips on weight loss. As you likely know, these tips work some of the time and occasionally they don’t. Generally speaking, any tip that promotes fad diets, weight loss pills and other supplements will not work. Any basic tip which combines diet with exercise will usually work. There is a lot of misleading information out there within the weight reduction business. Additionally, people will create myths when it is advantageous for them to do so. Let’s now talk about 3 of the most common weight loss myths out there.

1. Weight loss myth 1: It is possible to do spot reduction of fat deposits. This statement is not true and any weight loss expert will agree about this. Irrespective of the type of workout you attempt, you cannot make your body spot reduce fat under any conditions. Let’s say for instance that you want to take off belly fat by focusing on leg lifts and crunches. In doing so, you will notice that your belly fat will remain the same and the muscle mass in your abdomen will actually grow. Therefore, the best way to reduce your belly fat would be to combine your leg lifts and crunches with a healthy diet. In this way, your metabolic rate will rise and you will burn fat very quickly.

2. Weight loss myth 2: Cutting your calories drastically will decrease your body fat. Again, this statement is absolutely untrue. This myth has caused many people to crash diet in an attempt to quickly drop pounds. The problem is that crash dieting does more harm than good to your body. When you start fasting, your body switches into a starvation mode. While in this mode, your metabolic rate slows right down and your muscles burn up, while your fat is actually kept in reserve for emergency use. Therefore, crash dieting causes very little fat loss whereas much muscle destruction will occur. After you go back to your previous eating style, you will actually put on extra pounds.

3. Weight loss myth 3: If you do only cardio exercises, you will effectively lose weight. Although it is true that cardio exercises assist with fat loss, there are many other helpful weight reduction exercises. Some examples would include aerobics, pilates and yoga. Aerobics and cardio exercises, for instance, both result in approximately the same amount of weight loss. Weight training is even more effective at fat reduction and you will continue burning fat, even after you have finished your workout.

Hopefully this article has given you clarity around the common myths surrounding weight reduction.

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