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Therapy and me.

Empathy TherapyGrowing up, going to therapy was a “mushy gushy” kind of thing. My parents thought it was pointless and didn’t see the value in it. However, with an active eating disorder, I’ve had to make peace with this. I needed help, so I contacted Empathy Therapy because I wanted to take the first step toward an active recovery.

This way, I was taking matters into my own hands. I needed to feel that I was in charge with my own recovery, and I immediately felt that way from the very beginning. The therapists and staff at Empathy Therapy truly made feel like an individual, not just another paycheck. They catered my treatment to my needs and made sure that I was making progress every session.

I also think the staff was really friendly– I always felt comfortable coming in and getting treatment. Especially because I’ve never seen a therapist before, it was amazing to feel right at home and completely comfortable right from the start. I felt really lucky.

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