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The Travel Bug John Soltes: Vietnam

Vietnam, with its lush landscapes and vibrant cities, has much to offer to adventurous travelers and those seeking to put a face on the war in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is a city that moves, such as river rapids. Motorcycle Putt-Putt-putt avenues. Artisans sell their wares on stalls on the street. Teens online to get their fix of Pho noodle night and dance to the disco on the site. Devotees walk to their churches, temples and shrines to their candles and incense for someone who came before.

It is a city that seems endless. But there is an end to the hordes of humanity – a semi-quiet place where some lessons can be learned.
on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City /> is a network of underground tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the war, especially during the Tet offensive.

Four decades ago, the tunnels were a besieged city development strategy of the guerrillas.

Today, Coca-Cola available in the gift shop.

A visit to the tunnels of Cu Chi in the main tourist routes carved. Located approximately one hour (depending on traffic), the outside distance of the city of Ho Chi Minh, should the canyons basement as a way to be seen at the turbulent history of war. It is a holy land, the cost of more than a soldier’s life – and it must be considered in regard to victims of conflict.
When coaches go to />

You will probably be more satisfying to drink.

Next visit the actual tunnels that stretch for miles or kilometers, depending on who is speaking.

In this particular area – between Saigon and the Cambodian border – where busloads of tourists like vultures Corral, there are several holes that have been maintained for pedestrians to look and even a decline.

Most groups to visit the tunnel with an official guide, which will be booked back into Saigon.

Throughout the course, you have the chance to see who ate horrible torture contraptions, where the Viet Cong and their families, and fell asleep and some demos of what Life in the Tunnels (eating raw tapioca a shooting range, where visitors can pay money to get weapons like AK-47).

A group of tourists in front of me had the chance to fire a gun safe. I went on a little disgusted at which visitors can browse through a section of the tunnel (dug, said rumor, to accommodate more Western tourists). The experience begins to crawl through the tunnel relatively easily – it’s like ducking under a blanket to play in the dark.

But when you consider how far the tunnel walls and ceiling of dirt and arrangements will be made in light of your hand in a short period of time in a pinhole camera, fear Sidle beside you. sweat

If you create and panting, you’re the light in the sky be grateful.

If a sight like this visit may be a curiosity for the stories of war and what exactly happens in this country in Southeast Asia. A visit to the Cu Chi tunnels can not answer, but it can put you in the right direction.

A well-preserved evidence of days of mourning. And for that, it boasts a meaning beyond the gift shop sells them throughout the war propaganda.

Source: Leader Newspapers.

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