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The thing about Moving to Seattle.

Kent MoversI moved to Seattle from Kent a few weeks ago, and it was such a horrendous move. I only heard later about Puget Sound Movers, a local mover in Kent. I wish I had thought to hire a professional– I think my moving weekend would have gone so much smoother if I did.

First of all, it was raining. This is to be expected as I was moving in the Pacific Northwest. Even in the summer, chances are that it will rain, That’s just a part of our reality. I had some family and friends help me, but it didn’t do much good when many of them bailed at the last minute and I was left to do most of it by myself.

I know that next time, I will definitely be calling a local Kent mover like Puget Sound Movers because even though they aren’t free, they would be more reliable. I understand that it isn’t their job to do, so I should have just hired a professional mover to do the job. I guess some things you just have to learn the hard way. I’m on of those “learn by doing” types anyway.

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