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About these sequence of The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection, the fashion designer travelling to the divinely elegant “Danielle” eating house to meet up with Isaac. Their challenge these workweek is to conception a gown that’d be advantageous for a “society brotherly love ballroom” event. Audios sort of quiet, aright? That’s because the twist is that the contestants will be designing for none additional than the Real Housewives of Orange County and New Jersey! Jeffrey tells it better, “these are women who know what they want, and get what they want.” The House of Nami will be doing work on the homemakers of New Jersey, and the House of Emerald will be working with the Housewives of Orange County. Each clothes designer meets with their chosen customer to beginning fabricating their gala-worthy gowns. Verity test of these take exception is that the fashion designer must carry out an actual customers’ needs and calls for as different than just design without any boundaries except for being forced to fit a particular fashion model mensurations. On the conception process, tensions advance between David and Dominique. Later on last week’s sequence and David’s hesitation in front of the judge’s panel, we can’t actually be too surprised. Unfortunately, the stress of their relationship (or any you would alike to call them) perhaps causing Dominique to break through under pressure. The Housewives arrive at the studio apartment for their adjustments and the clothes designer are all clearly nervous. At the start, Jeffrey struggles with his client, but he should know that the Housewives are all about cleavage! A few snips of fabric and all is right with the world. Meanwhile the Housewives of New Jersey are strong critics of Nami’s work – particularly David, whose design is a total disaster. The green fabric he chose makes his housewife look like Kermit!
Emerald hits the runway, and their collection is elegant, beautiful AND cohesive. The Housewives of Orange County absolutely rocked the dresses that were designed for them. Nami’s runway show is entertaining and flashy, and their dark, sultry colors really prove to be more beautiful than they expected them to be.
The judges critique Emerald’s dresses first, asking each of the women what they thought of the designs. Fortunately, most of the Orange County housewives are pleased; but that doesn’t mean the judges are – specifically with Golnessa’s dress. Nami faces the judges next, and they actually end up loving David’s previously disastrous dress.
This week, Nami steals back their winning title – meaning David and Dominique are both safe despite their fears of almost certain elimination. And… Eduardo walks away with his third overall winning design!
This week, Golnessa is out of fashion – and we can’t be too shocked considering she struggled through the past few competitions. More importantly – I wonder what her housewife thinks about having the losing dress

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