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The Best Soccer Goal Celebrations Ever


In the sensible world of soccer there is nothing quite like scoring a goal. English football is almost unique in the world of sport in that its currency, the goal, has such a high value. With so many games decided by just a single goal it comes as no surprise that to score comes as such a relief and is met with such enthusiasm. Many players celebrate wildly after scoring, and some even plan their celebrations in advance. Many of these goal celebrations have entered the national psyche and become embedded in the culture of our national game. In this article I will look at some of the most memorable goal celebrations in football.

There will always be the standard celebrations, such as the airplane or running to the corner flag and knee sliding, but what really stick out are the celebrations made famous by a particular player. In the 90s German striker Jurgen Klinsmann joined Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur. Klinsmann was known internationally for his success with the German national team and for being a top goalscorer and notorious diver. When he scored on his debut the forward mocked those who had called him a diver by performing his own unique celebration and diving to the turf, sliding along the grass on his stomach. The celebration quickly caught on and can be seen copied everywhere, from grass roots right up to the highest level. A good one to try if the ground is especially wet.

Another classic that will always stick in the memory, even if has not been mimicked, is the celebration by Marco Tardelli in the 1982 World Cup final. After scoring from for Italy from the edge of the box he ran to the touchline completely overwhelmed in the moment. Ecstatic and screaming his own name this celebration shows just how much the World Cup means to these players and has since become an iconic image for the competition.

Another celebration that gained notoriety in the Premiership was brought in by a foreign player. When Fabrizio Ravanelli signed for Middlesbrough the footballing world was left somewhat surprised. What wasn’t surprising, however, was that he would go on to score many goals for the club during his stay. His goals would always be celebrated with him pulling his shirt over his head and running with his arms outstretched. The celebration reached legendary status and was copied worldwide after Ravanelli started using it.

Of course, not every celebration must be wild and over the top. One of the greatest England strikers of all time, Alan Shearer, had his own more restrained celebration. He would run to the corner with his right arm raised and palm open. It became a signature celebration and one that the world of football would see many times over an illustrious career.

Goal celebrations can sometimes be entertaining as the game itself and supporters are keen to attach themselves to a move associated with their top goalscorer. There are bound to be many crazy goal celebrations to come and long may it continue, just make sure the goal is worth it before doing seven backflips afterwards.

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