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The Bay Area Dentist for Me!

San Francisco Bay Area Cosmetic DentistWhen I turned 40, I decided that I was going to do something for myself as a birthday present to myself. I recently saw a video on YouTube from Dr. Bernstein, a Bay Area cosmetic dentist, and felt like getting a new smile from him would be the best gift I could ever receive. He sounded like a great dentist who actually cares about his clients.

I don’t have a problem with dentists, but when it comes to paying a lot of money for a cosmetic dentist, I want to make sure that I’m viewed as a person, not just a cash cow. But Dr. Bernstein was different. Even the consultation, while not free, is a time where you get to sit down with Dr. Bernstein himself and talk about your goals and what is possible for your new smile.

I was really excited to meet Dr. Bernstein because he would be able to actually discuss my options instead of fitting into a “cookie cutter” mold of cosmetic dental treatment, I would make my own mold for deciding what my treatment would look like.

As of now, I’ve had my initial consultation with Dr. Bernstein, and I am really excited to hear that I will be getting my new teeth within the next week or two. I can’t wait until I get to show off my new teeth!

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