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The 10 Most Annoying Celebrities


Celebrities! Love them or hate them, but they’re everywhere. Every time you turn on the television you find celebrity news, and every time you go on the Internet you’re stuck with celebrity pictures – either the celebrity itself or his or her baby. Something that this, that, or the other celebrity has done has made the news, yet again.

There are also a lot of questions as to whether some of these people are actually ‘celebrities’ at all. People like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie are mostly famous for being famous, and people like Donald Trump are not really ‘celebrities’ in the sense that he isn’t an actor or singer. Without considering things that way, however, and by just looking at who’s on the news, in the papers and magazines, and on the Internet, the list below encompasses the people that most of society judges as the 10 most annoying celebrities.  

1. Paris Hilton

2. Nicole Richie

3. Ashlee Simpson

4. Avril Lavigne

5. Carrot Top

6. Tom Green

7. Kevin Federline

8. Britney Spears

9. Michael Jackson

10. Donald Trump 

The only problem with this list is that there are plenty more where that came from. Many, many Websites exist where there are long lists of celebrities and other famous people who are found by a lot of the ‘normal’ people out there to be very irritating. 

If the idea of celebrity news and celebrity pictures has got you down, there are ways to vent your frustrations. Websites exist that allow you to vote for the most annoying person. These include celebrities, but they also include other ‘famous’ people – or infamous people – like Osama bin Laden and others. If a person gets enough votes he or she is on the most annoying list, and you can also vote for people who are least annoying to add to that list, as well. The top 100 or less are usually listed on these types of sites.

Some of them offer celebrity pictures and celebrity news but most of them don’t because those are the things that the people who vote there are trying to get away from. No matter who you are or which celebrity you like (if any), there are people who find the people you like very irritating. There are arguments between both friends and enemies about celebrity news and celebrity pictures, whether they think they’re annoying or not.

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