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Summer Fashion News From Oz: Catwalk News from Australian Fashion Week

So the weather might’ve taken a turn for the worst as we regress into a struggling spring, but even volcanic ash clouds couldn’t stop us from ranging over the globe to find breaking fashion news as it happens. Today marks the 15th Australian Fashion Week, and where we’ve been sure to keep a warmer plan-B wardrobe in case of sun-failure, our antipodean counterparts have been casting off everything possible to emerge beach-ready at the feet of women’s clothing and fashion. The back-story to this celebration of the best Aussie catwalk collections reads like a topsy-turvy version of complaints and outcries on our side of the world during the European Fashion Weeks, with the burgeoning of what is set to be the world’s first aboriginal (really?) face of Vogue, Samantha Harris (18), who took to the runway today in Sydney before a dazzled crowd. Compare this with French V’s still quite unbelievable treatment of racial identity not too long ago, and things seem a little inside out. Further furore came in the form of pleas from plus size friendly clothing agencies accusing the designers and stylists of skinny elitism in their selection of models, the complaint being that this marked a backwards step for Australia’s bid for establishing itself as the leading fashion base outside of Europe. But what of reports from the collections? There are many instances that can be provided. (more…)

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Is Fashion Your Passion?? Fashion Design Summer Courses in Milan at Naba


Do not waste your time and get a close look at the world of creativity in Milan, the world capital of Fashion.


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