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X-Men Arcade Playstation Network

X-Men Arcade Playstation Network release now December 14 for North America. inch what put up only be described as a case of the left-handed not knowing what the right-handed or left foot is doing, Konami accepts processed the give up agenda for X-Men Arcade on the Playstation Network and Xbox LIVE for due north United States of America. (more…)

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PlayStation Network down for maintenance

Not able to get in touch to the PlayStation Network? Don’t worry, it has not your console — it has all people in the America. Without any apparent warning, PSN was taken offline for maintenance at 11:05AM ET this morning and is due to be back up-and-running again by 8PM ET. Sony annunciated the unexpected downtime in a tweet later on maintenance had begun.
You possibly able to access your friends list and additional services sporadically, but Sony Is not making any promises as to how long even limited functionality will be possible. Oh, and if you see a screen with the ominous warning that “the PlayStation Network has been suspended,” it’s just a confusing way of saying that the network is down for service — it doesn’t mean your account has been suspended. Phew. (more…)

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Playstation Network Down

Playstation 3 electronic network havebeen belt down nowadays for Maintenance,  For those who are looking for the Playstation Network accession this morning in U.S.A., You would credibly encounter some trouble in causation an access by the said popular gaming Internet.
This is to selective information everyone that the PS3 Network is belt down today for additional maintenance. Everyone is awaiting advancing to make it upward and it will not be too longsighted till it back up to up since Sunday is the best time to play the Modern Warfare 2 session.
Some say that the reason for the Playstation Network maintenance is because of the recent addition of a video content updates last Firday.
According to some report, there is no time table for when it will be back up, usually, these maintenance times usually are not very long. Just expect to be back within an hour or two even at most.
Moreso, The Behemoth has a new gift for PlayStation Network users: the long-awaited release date of downloadable darling Castle Crashers. Apparently, the Art Director Dan Paladin made the official announcement on the PlayStation Blog, slotting August 31 for launch.Although we haven’t heard from Sony about this, it looks like the PS3 network is down for maintenance at the moment. I can personally confirm this, as I am unable to sign in at the moment.
We don’t have a solid time for when the network will be back up, but you’ll be able to keep updated on the situation by checking this Twitter update page on Google here. This page lists all the relevant results for the PSN Network, so you’ll be able to see the exact moment it goes live again.
More info check this PS3 Firmware Update 3.55 drops to Playstation Network

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