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Street Fashion: Hip Hop Fashion


Street fashion is not an uncommon term for any of us. It is also known as “LA Street Style”. The term is mainly associated with youth culture and it mainly comes from urban centers. It refers to fashion that has emerged from the grassroots and not from the studios or catwalks. But mainstream fashion is often influenced by street fashion. In fact you will find many designers who have been inspired by street style. A number of styles come under this genre such as Teddy Boys, Hippies, Skinheads and so on. But the most popular of all is Hip Hop fashion.

Hip-Hop features a distinctive style. The early history of this fashion trend lies with the African-American, Latino and the Caribbean-American youth who were based on The 5 Boroughs, a famous city of New York. Though originated from The 5 Boroughs, Hip Hop style was influenced by various other places including East Bay, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago and The Dirty South.

The influence of all these places contributed to the overall style of Hip-Hop. The mingling of different elements make Hip-Hop what it is today and the style obviously reflect the expressions of hip-hop culture. If you notice carefully you will see that Hip-Hop never maintains a stereotypical style rather it has changed with the passing time. It has become a part of the popular culture across the world.

It is not only the young generation who has made its own new styles but the big brands also took on the Hip-Hop fashion which contributed to its ongoing popularity. Leather bomber jackets, sneakers, Dr. Marten’s boots etc dominated the fashion world of 1980s.

Hip-Hop fashion dresses were different for men and women. While blousy pants, baggy jeans, heavy work boots and sunglasses were the favorite of the men, women preferred tight jeans and light make up. But many of the women adapted the men’s style adding a feminine touch to it.

The latest fashion trends were not only witnessed in clothing but also in accessories. Large eyeglasses, multiple rings, heavy jewelry, oversized name tags signified the Hip-Hop culture. In the 80s African culture was reflected in the new hairstyle as well as jewelry. Dreadlocks and African chains became very popular.

Towards the beginning of the 90s neon clothing, rolled in, baseball caps etc started dominating the fashion market. Red, black and green were the color for the Hip-Hop fashion. Wearing clothing backwards became one of the hottest fashion trends.

Just as clothing fashion shoes were made popular by many sports brands. Both clothing and shoes were worn by famous models which gave the new trends an additional dimension. Black leather jackets with gold or silver chains were the favorite of the youth.

Late 90s witnessed a significant shift in the Hip-Hop fashion. Fashion style of the gangsters and street thugs were incorporated in the mainstream fashion trends. Oversized still dominated the fashion scene, whether cargo or denim. Wearing pants without belts was a common practice.

Hip-Hop became most popular of all street trends with its unique dressing style, exclusive accessories and shoes and stunning hair style.

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