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Summer Fashion News From Oz: Catwalk News from Australian Fashion Week

So the weather might’ve taken a turn for the worst as we regress into a struggling spring, but even volcanic ash clouds couldn’t stop us from ranging over the globe to find breaking fashion news as it happens. Today marks the 15th Australian Fashion Week, and where we’ve been sure to keep a warmer plan-B […]

Fashion News: America’s Next Top Model Finals

The competition is boiling down to the final contestants on America’s Next Top Model and the remaining girls are finishing up in Morocco! The determination of all the girls to stay in the running to be the next Top Model always makes for great television. In the home stretch the girls are learning more about […]

Women’s Fashion Clothing

Online fashion store women’s fashion clothing and accessories Flanmark offers directory fashion and footwear, where you can find the latest collection of brands such as SARA KELLY, JSFN, MINIHINTA, PLUS, MISS MARY, SWEGMARK, H & M and many others. Agree that fashionable women’s fashion clothing, beautiful lingerie and elegant ladies’ footwear, combined with luxury handbags […]

Exquisite and Elegant Fashion Fabrics Shop

Modern Australia has an exclusive fashion approach which is able to evidently eminent from European fashion lines. While European fashion has a more formal approach and on the other hand Australian fashion has a more sporty and informal approach. You can define the fashion by cloth, cut, colour, garment styles, garment type and analysis of […]

Australian Fashion Trends

mode is to be comfortable in what you and look good! Who does not want to be fashionable! Whether you are aware of current fashion trends or otherwise, in search of style and fashion has always been something to desire what you have. Fashion changes with time and place. People from different parts of the […]

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