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All I can say is: Thank goodness for my San Francisco Mover!

Eek! I was finally moving into the city! I graduated from college last year and have been living at home in San Jose to save money. Now I finally am ready to move to the city and pursue my dream job. I found a great little apartment to start out in, now I just needed a moving company.

I searched for San Francisco moving companies on Yelp and found Golden Bay Movers. They are amazing! They have over 160 reviews and 5 stars! I obviously called them right away to see if they could do my move. They were able to fit me in with no problem and were so easy to work with.

They showed up at my parents house and I just pointed here and there to show theme exactly what they needed to move. They were so efficient and hardworking. They got everything in the truck and ready to go faster than I would have though possible. I can’t wait to start living in my new place! Thanks to Golden Bay Movers for making my moving experience so great!

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