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Rush Limbaugh Wedding Photos on Facebook

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has posted pictures of his wedding on Facebook, sparking thousands of comments.

The 63-year-old Limbaugh married 33-year-old Kathryn Rogers in Palm Beach, Florida this June. (It’s his fourth marriage). As you can see from the photos, Elton John performed at the wedding — a surprising choice considering their divergent political views. Blogger David Weigel wrote at the time that while Limbaugh is fairly liberal on social issues, it was still an odd pairing:

Honestly, I’m more surprised that John took the gig because of his often-stated disgust with how the media treated Hillary Clinton in 2008. If anti-gay rhetoric hasn’t played much of a role in Limbaugh’s show, sexism against liberal women certainly has. I think liberal anger at John for playing the wedding was more of an issue than conservative confusion about Limbaugh

The TV and radio show host has published the pictures on his Facebook account. In some of the shared pics we can see also Elton John who was hired to sing at the wedding ceremony. Back in June the presence of John caused a bit of stir, since he is openly gay and Limbaugh is a conservative.

The bride, who is 33 years old looks stunning in the wedding pics.  What do you think?  If you want to check out the full set of pictures. see more at facebook

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