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Dr. Oz spent onetime nowadays on his appearance demonstrating various easy cures for dry, cracked skin. Dragon’s Blood lotion was what he recommended for those nasty cracked heels that lots of people suffer from. Dragon’s Blood comes from a tree that grows in the Amazon, and it not only moisturizes but it promotes healing. In it’s purest form, he says, it is thick and red, hence the name. However when mixed with lotion it’s suitable for use on your feet. He put some on one of the audience member’s feet, and she acquired a little foot massage from Dr. Oz!
Another tip that he shared was propolis for dry lips. These is something that honey bees make and he says it’s a natural sealant and has antibacterial properties.
Jojoba oil is what Dr. Oz recommends for dry hands and a different dry skin. He says it’s wax and esters in it which are similar to what your body naturally makes. Your skin will just absorb it up. For dry elbows, Dr. Oz recommends using an orange! The fruit acid exfoliates the dry skin. I imagine you coulded as well, don’t you believe?

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