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Rainbow Brite

Local history back in franchise called, a little orphan Wisp is taken by an unknown force, the colorless world. You must find the sphere of light, but in doing so, she befriends a sprite, Twink, and as a majestic white horse Starlite known. She rescues the seven Color Kids (one for each color of the rainbow) and finds the Color Belt, which means they need to bring color into the country. After use, the King of Shadows (aka Evil Force known nervous and defeat the Dark One), hoods, a sore finger, the unknown force that Rainbow Brite designate Wisp. She and the children of color (and their assistants, sprites) live in Rainbow Country and are responsible for all the colors on Earth.
Belt needs colored Star Sprinkles color work. Any color is drawn for Kid’s respective color, and their Sprites mine Color Crystals caves of color, who are in Star Sprinkles by a process similar to using cookie cutters. In the 2009 version, the functions of the colored belt yet, but Rainbow Brite and other powers have Sky and scepter.
The movie Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, in 1985, has a magical world called spectra of light, also called the diamond planet. Every light in the universe must Spectra before it happens on the ground. The Dark Princess causes problems when they tried to wrap ropes around Spectra (around the giant diamond in his palace Hol), blocks of light and throws the Earth into a permanent winter.

The characters, Rainbow Brite and colored children in the “Brand New Day” song from the movie Star />
Starlite Rainbow Brite interviews, Flying Horse, himself “the most beautiful horses in the universe called”. It is white with a yellow star on his forehead, and his mane and tail are the rainbow colors.

Kids Color sprite names head each child color between parentheses, even if the name of several sprites. Unless otherwise specified, the color of each sprite Color Kid he or she belongs. See all sprites, identical except for their colors, and in some cases, the antennas. Star Sprites have regular antennas. Red
Butler (Romeo)
Lala Orange (OJ) (online goods in 2004, the name of Mango OJ)
canary (Spark)
Patty O’Green (Lucky)
Buddy Blue (CHAMP)
Indigo (Hammy)
Shy Violet (IQ)
Note Some sprites have different names in different regions and languages. For example, in Great Britain in line with 1980, OJ Name Saucy, and Spain and Mexico Sassy. In Great Britain, Hammy is the name of Encore. There are also many other names and unnamed in the sprite comics and books. />

Friends Baby Brite is in this series with the product name and appears only at the beginning of the Rainbow land, where it is “the baby”. She has pink hair and is the form that has carried the ball of light in dark areas. Rainbow Brite to find, because you go into a cave in the rain, which leads to identify the received color belt. />

See Brian The only boy on Earth, Rainbow Brite can. After school one day, he accidentally stepped into a rainbow, Rainbow Brite was sent to cheer him up . That’s a lot of colors and Rainbow Brite in Rainbow Land takes him to remove them. It is a special key that when they are in every castle, a rainbow, where he can drive on land donated to form Rainbow. Brian has a dog named Sam (this information is in the Treasury Rainbow Brite to find the book), what is commonly called “Boy” in the TV series.
Puppy Brite & Kitty /> < br Brite 's Rainbow Brite pets. Puppy Brite make an appearance at the beginning of the Star Stealer and appeared in an episode after the movie. Kitty Brite appears in the episodes produced after the movie. Puppy Brite exists in version 2009. Sprites Sprites Rainbow country, which in my country, and Rainbow Color LCD, live from the Cave of color. Perform any other task for Kids color, including treatment of colored crystals Star Sprinkles and kart storage. They speak their own language, may include Rainbow Brite and children of color. They come in all colors of the rainbow and the stars are at the end of their antennas. Sprites Sprites Sprites Spectran Spectran soft fuzzy feet, living on the spectrum and keep polished and shiny. Spectran sprites balls on the ends of their antennae, like the stars which declined from Rainbow Land sprites, sound, and goggles to protect his eyes. They appear only in the light (almost white) colors like sky blue and pink. The three sprites Spectra Orin, Bombo and Popo.
Villains Murky Murky Dismal is the villain in the pits. In the episode “Mom” This shows that, as a toddler, he on the walls with crayons, markers, paints, rollers, and finally an industrial airbrush dyed. His mother made him wash “every bit of color so it lasts all day, if it takes the rest of your life, leading his hatred Murky of color as an adult. He loves to invent devices of dark clouds, to remove the paint and to people without hope. He is constantly trying to catch the color or take the children’s Rainbow Brite Color belt. Murkwell His full name first.

Sidekick Lurky Murky, resembling a giant brown sprite with a big nose. Lurky actually delights in “the pretty colors! and dreams of one day riding that Starlite Horsey. Lurky may generally wry and often leaves his plans by Murky Art clumsy He drives his car, a shotgun called Go-Kart-Buggy grunge dirty while Murky riding in a garbage can strapped to the side.
Dark />
; smaller font Ms.

Murky Dismal mother who does not hate the dark colors and finishes Rainbow Brite. In one episode she appeared in Mother, it was found that this helps a child if Murky The color of the walls together, they remove the color.

Wajah accidents multilingual foreigners in Rainbow Land. The species used as food coloring, if Rainbow Brite Kids Color and fix his ship as soon as possible to prevent “eat” all the colors in the rainbow country.

Plock a seller tricks to sell him the color Twink Cellars in exchange for a “magic seeds”. When he realizes what would the world be like without color, he changes his ways and returns to the cave of Rainbow Brite.

Sorell A magician made by the Comet Murky, to try to destroy the caves of color.

facts show first aired:
December 1984 Last Aired: 1986
Number of episodes: 13 half
Two-hour animated episodes

4 video playback as well as (2 per group)
; Episodes Title

# Original release date
Peril in the stands
June 27, 1984
Monstromurk Mighty (Part 1)
4 December 5, 1984

02 Threat Monstromurk Mighty (Part 2) December 1984 < br />
The beginnings of the Earth by Rainbow (Part 1) April 22, 1985

04 The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part 2) April 23, 1985

05 Invasion of Rainbow Land

Spring 1986 06


Rainbow Night Spring 1986

08 Star Sprinkled

09 Spring 1986 Chasing Rainbows <, br /> Spring 1986
Murky’s Comet /> Spring 1986
A horse of a spring />
Queen of the Fairies Spring 1986

13 votes
Rainbow Brite Bush Bettina br /> Andre Stojka

Wizard Starlite Spectran Rhonda Allman

Tickled Pink Moonglow Rhonda Aldrich
< ;, br /> Dark Princess

Creature /> Peter Cullen

Monstromurk Narrator Pat Fraley < , br /> The X-Lurky

Spectran Slurthic />

Twink Shy Violet Indigo

Lala Orange

sprites Jonathan Harris

Mona Marshall Butler Red

Spectran Creature Castle Patty O’Green

Canary Scott Menville

Brian George Ball

Plock David Workman

David Sergeant Zombo Charles Mendenhall

Krys Marissa Mendenhall

Stormy Adler
Popo Les Tremayne

Orin, Bombo
TV Announcer Alan Lee votes


goods produced in the 80s most of the Barbie doll and Rainbow Brite product. In 2004, Master Toy Licensee Toy and Nick Jr. was the television that the Rainbow Brite product advertising. From 2008, the master toy license for Playmates Toys is one and they released their first line of Rainbow Brite toys in January 2010.
2004 18 “Talking Rainbow Brite doll toy called by the colors of the rainbow book, but leaves the green. After the fixed contact, said that the toy doll is for future production, but There was no further production of toy runs.

Lists of other means of various types of information should be avoided. Please move all the relevant information in appropriate sections or articles. (October 2008)
Rainbow Brite was mentioned in the song Hypocrite Skye Sweetnam.
A Rainbow Brite doll appeared in the video “What U Do 2 Me “from Boomkat.
In the episode” Prick Up Your Ears on the cartoon series Family Guy, Peter tries to sex ed demonstration with a bust of William Shakespeare and a Rainbow Brite doll type. “br /> Rainbow Brite has recently been in three episodes of Robot Chicken parody:
“Metal Militia”, Kelly Hu, who provided the voice of Rainbow Brite, while Seth Green said /> Murky Lurky dismal.
In “Moesha Poppins” said Adrianne Palicki in Rainbow Brite a “Where Are They Now” segment.
pirates released Rainbow Brite costumes are a popular element in the adult novelty catalogs.
On an episode of Reba where Barbra Jean believes Brock still in love with Reba, Barbra Jean does a pound to two dolls, they have Brock and Reba. One Red Butler Rainbow Brite dolls.
A reference to Rainbow Brite was the order of the Stick # 415th
made a talk show called the Soup is a sketch in which the host (Joel McHale) that Rainbow Brite fake trailer for Rainbow Brite is dressed: The Movie.
; In an episode of WWE Raw, William Regal said that WWE Diva Maria loved Rainbow Brite.

References Wikiquote has a collection of quotes about: Rainbow Brite />

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