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Psychiatry and Therapy in Sacramento

Empathy TherapyI am always talking about my psychiatrist in Sacramento because I love his office so much! It’s just just his office, of course, it’s that he is just full of great ideas and different techniques that are specific to me. I mean, his office is pretty spectacular though. I love that he is just really great at dynamic treatment that grows with me. Especially in psychiatry, I think that is really important.

Another thing I really like about Empathy Therapy in Sacramento is that it’s really close to both my house and my office. So, I don’t have to worry about having early or late appointments before or after work. It’s really convenient, though I would even go out of my way to go to Empathy Therapy even if I was further away.

Empathy Therapy just gives me the tools I need to be a functioning adult with or without a therapist. They give me tools to help in situations that would normally make me nervous, anxious, or scared. I am pretty confident now that with the tools Empathy Therapy has given me, I will be totally fine and equipped for the next thing and I won’t be so easily derailed. I love my psychiatrist!



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