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Property Management for Luxury Homes

Vienna Property Management is a high end luxury property management company that operates out of Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Rocklin, and Roseville. Vienna Property Management helps high end homeowners maximize their home’s value with high rent and maximum occupancy. For homeowners with expensive mortgages, it’s important that their homes have tenants because each month that a home is not occupied adds up to a lot of money.

If a home’s value is 4-10k per month, it’s imperative that the homeowner not only has their house rented, but also gets the most dollar value for their property. A great way for luxury homeowners to make a profit off their investment is to rent their properties to upper management and wealthy individuals. To do this, homeowners should use companies like Vienna Property Management. If a homeowner tries to manage their property on their own they are greatly increasing the risk of losing money on their investment. Property Management companies have resources at their disposal for targeting such clientele. Resources that the average homeowner just doesn’t have.

Another reason property management companies, such as Vienna Property Management, are of great value to luxury homeowners is that they can turn our home into a vacation rental which can yield a good profit in the summer or winter months. Since vacation rentals often have a turnover of tenants every week, weekend, or couple of weeks, it take a tremendous amount of work to keep them occupied. To manage the property, advertise it, and keep it clean, takes a system. A system that property management companies already have set up. They’ll know how to manage your property, while simultaneously keeping it occupied with new tenants. A vacation rentals marketing efforts can be fairly intensive as they have to market in multiple cities at one time across the country and field the calls from interested parties.

Vienna Property Management has multiple vacation destination properties in El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, and Folsom. Since Folsom Lake is a tourist attraction in northern California, many people look for luxury homes and condos with lake views or homes that are directly on the lake. To manage this, Vienna has a complex system in place to manage the properties and keep them occupied. At the end of the day, their job is to maximize their clients investment. If their clients make money, then they are happy. If they don’t then they should probably contact Vienna PM, and stop managing the properties themselves.

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