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Getting that gold.

Oxbridge HouseWhen I was looking to sell my gold in San Francisco, I came upon a number of different places. One in particular that stood out to me was Oxbridge House because they always give you the current price for gold, even up to the moment they give you the gold. It’s pretty awesome! I came across a few other websites, but it was Oxbridge House that really caught my eye. I did a lot of research as well.

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Moving in Seattle

Puget Sound MovingI totally thought I could do all of my own moving. Then, I got laughed at by my mother. See, I just moved to Seattle, so I don’t have a large friend base to ask for help from. She told me that although she knows I’m strong, I should really call local movers Seattle. At first I was insulted, but then I took a look at all the things I needed to move, including a giant bed frame and coach, and realized she was right.

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Psychiatry and Therapy in Sacramento

Empathy TherapyI am always talking about my psychiatrist in Sacramento because I love his office so much! It’s just just his office, of course, it’s that he is just full of great ideas and different techniques that are specific to me. I mean, his office is pretty spectacular though. I love that he is just really great at dynamic treatment that grows with me. Especially in psychiatry, I think that is really important.

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Hot August Nights

Alley Heating & AirThe thing about August is that it can go one of two ways: become inexplicably cool and gorgeous, or become exponentially and terribly hot. The latter was pretty much the kind we got last summer, which was unfortunate because it’s also the summer that my air conditioning unite decided to break during. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of Alley Heating & Air.

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CBRE & Me!

CBREThe best part about having a successful company is getting to plan an expansion. However, for me, it’s the planning that stresses me out the most. I was really excited to know that I was going to be able to afford to expand my company to Roseville, but I was even more excited to work with CBRE again because I had such a great time working with them when I was looking for a new place in Sacramento.

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Precise is Nice!

Precision Auto GlassThe last time we had to replace a windshield, we didn’t have good luck. We had someone do it that was a friend of a friend and I was trusting that it was someone who would do a good job. It wasn’t– and so I called Precision Auto Glass. They immediately told us that we should come in and get it taken care of right away. So I guess that I should have done my research!

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Therapy and me.

Empathy TherapyGrowing up, going to therapy was a “mushy gushy” kind of thing. My parents thought it was pointless and didn’t see the value in it. However, with an active eating disorder, I’ve had to make peace with this. I needed help, so I contacted Empathy Therapy because I wanted to take the first step toward an active recovery.

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