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Olivia Palermo Like New Designers Work wear

Model, actress Olivia Palermo, sometimes performed in a fashion shows and ad campaigns. This makes it like wearing a new designer clothing.

“I wear nice clothes that are not only worn for me, but also worthy introduction to a broad audience,” says woman who became the model for this brand Mango, as quoted by Female First.
she was happy when the paparazzi gave him the opportunity to introduce the work of designer clothing she was wearing. He considered that the new designers have hidden talents in the fashion world.
“Believe it or not, I like paparazzi. Especially those who are based in New York. I always pose when they asked me to take pictures,” says Olivia who soared since his name performed on the television series ‘The City’.

she loved fashion photo shoots. In an interview with British Vogue magazine, Olivia says that she was pleased to get various opportunities in modeling.

She admitted that every time posing in front of the camera, she was can get out of the characters really are and can see himself in a variety of characters.

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