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No Fun in the Sun

Alley Heating & Air Alley Heating & Air is a Sacramento a/c repair company and they were there for me when I needed them. They came out right away to take a look at the problem. I woke up one morning in a panic. It was so hot in the house! Had one of the kids accidentally reached the thermostat and turned it off? I went to check hoping that was the case, but was so confused when everything looked normal. It started to sink in that, oh, our a/c was broken.

I didn’t know anything about air conditioners and am not very handy to begin with, so I called the professionals right away.

They showed up quickly and got right to work. They were checking out everything from the vents to the thermostat to the system itself. They knew all the clues and signs to look for to determine what was causing the problem.

It turned out it was an easy fix. There was just something malfunctioning in the system, it stopped sending the proper signals. They got it fixed up and we are back to a cool house!

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