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New Space in Roseville

CBREI’ve had a pet supply company in Roseville for about ten years. But as time went on, I saw the need to expand to a larger space to more fully accommodate pet owners and new products. I called CBRE for help finding retail property in Roseville because of their reputation and ubiquity within the Roseville real estate market.

After only a few months of looking, I was able to get a great new space in a prime location. CBRE certainly did their research when they were trying to figure out the best place to put my new store. After I moved to the bigger store, my sales increased by 15%! That’s pretty great, especially in the first few months.

Now that I’ve really grown into my new location, I am happier than ever. I feel like I finally was able to grow my brand and grow my company organically. This space definitely helped me do that, and CBRE gave me the tools I needed to accomplish that.


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