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Money Issues Leads to Car Title Loan

The last time I was in financial trouble, I was in college and still living with my parents. But now that I’m grown, I can’t count on them anymore. I was relieved, however, to find that I could still count on Same Day Auto Title Loan in Sacramento and Roseville to make sure I would make rent this month.

The problem was that I have money, but I need to be saving it for health emergencies. I have really bad asthma, so I always keep extra money in case something happens and I need to be hospitalized. Since I have this condition, it’s hard for me to get reasonable insurance. So I have to have a back-up fund.

Recently, however, I was hospitalized and didn’t earn enough this month to have a cushion AND pay my rent. I was worried that I would be slammed with hospital bills if I wasn’t careful with my backup savings. So I called Same Day Auto Title Loan in Sacramento and they were able to get me the money I needed the same day that I applied for the loan.

It didn’t take me much time to apply and get the loan because they didn’t even require a credit check, which was great for me because for various reasons, my credit score wasn’t as high as it should be.

All they had to do in order to get me the loan was process some paperwork and I just gave them the title to my vehicle. It was completely worth it for peace of mind. I could rest assured that if there was an emergency, I wouldn’t be left high and dry.

Now that I am on my own, it feels good to know that I have options if I am low on funds and need cash fast. I will not hesitate to use Same Day Auto Title Loan in the future!

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