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marriages is a public declaration of one of the most precious and most beautiful of all gifts, love, a couple have in their hearts to each other. Marriage is an act of faith and personal commitment as well as a moral and physical connection between two people. marriage has been described as the relationship better and the largest that can exist between them. As your wedding day the happiest day of your life, of course, you want good memories of a beautiful ceremony that fully reflects the happiness you feel and contains all the thoughts that you want on this special occasion. for an experienced wedding officiant for your ceremony, to celebrate an important event in your life as you want. A proper celebration is an important part of planning a ceremony. You

recognize the social and legal meaning of marriage and wedding ceremonies in Australian society and the importance of recognizing personal commitments and family ties. Let us set a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that you, your families and your guests – are always good to create callback. as your priest: I • all legal documents, visit the accommodation of your notice of marriage and registration of your marriage. • I give you the full range of content and form of • You will receive unlimited consultations with me, either by phone, mail or in person. • A microphone and CD player are included (if necessary) • Please accept a free trial at my local • A very special “memory” copy of your marriage, you will be provided after the ceremony. > • As part of the Australian Federation of Civil celebrants Inc. and the Association of Civil Marriage celebrants of Victoria Inc., I was informed of these associations and codes of conduct code best practices set by keeping the Australian Commonwealth Marriage Act (1961). 1) The Marriage Act 1961 – Commonwealth of Australia requires certain procedures and paperwork before your wedding. 2) A Notice of Marriage (Form 13): This document is provided by your officiant authorized and must be completed by both spouses and at least one month before your wedding day, but not more than 18 months before. 3) In the case of married persons of foreign residents, the form can be absorbed by the celebrant with a signature, but signed the overseas partner for the ad, and provide all necessary documents before the wedding day.

statements – is a legal statement prepared by you, your priest important to ask you to sign this no more than 14 days before your wedding day. Following your marriage was celebrated, this document, together with all other legal documents through your wedding officiant sent to the registrar of births, deaths and marriages registration.

Witnesses: You need two people ready to witness your signature on your marriage certificate, have the legal documentation and the wedding on your wedding day. This is (usually) your chief bridesmaid and best man. But can we be in effect as long as they are both at least 18 years or older and understand what they live and signature.

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