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Local, Sacramento Winery

picture of sacramento wine making processRecently, I’ve been on the lookout for a local, Sacramento winery. I recognize that it’s important to purchase locally, so I’ve been making an effort to purchase only from local artists, farmers and clothing designers. It can be a little hard and sometimes expensive, but it has been incredibly rewarding as well. One thing I didn’t even think about buying locally was wine. First of all, because I wasn’t even aware that there were local wineries. I was buying wines from close places like Placerville and Amador, but I didn’t know that there were Sacramento wineries, like Rendez-vous Winery and Wine Tasting, that were so close to where I lived.

I discovered Old Sugar Mill when I attended a charity event earlier this year and was told that eight different wineries use the space for tastings and sales. I had heard of a few local tasting rooms, but these were not only local tasting rooms, they were also sampling local wines from the Delta region. At the charity event, the winery Rendez-vous Winery and Wine Tasting had wine there and it was delicious. After I spoke to the winemaker for a while, I also learned that in addition to making wine from solely the Clarksburg/Sacramento region, they also locally made olive oil and balsamic oil. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar are also items I buy from Napa too because I simply wasn’t aware that I could get them here.

I was blown away by this adorable place that until that moment, I had never even heard of before. It made me even more excited about the prospect of discovering another Sacramento winery. Since then, I’ve done more research and discovered over a dozen more wineries that are local to the area. As someone who makes an effort to buy and eat locally, I figured– why not DRINK locally too?

Another thing that struck me about the Old Sugar Mill was that it was so beautiful to visit. Especially when it is scorching hot in Sacramento’s downtown area. the Delta area is much cooler. A the charity event, we arrived at sunset and got to watch the fiery sun set over the acres of vineyards adjacent to the winery. It was an absolute treat– not unlike the wines I tasted at Rendez-vous Winery and Tasting.

I am so happy that I happened upon Old Sugar Mill and Rendez-vous Winery and Tasting because it has opened up my options when choosing local. AS a result, I can feel better about being fully dedicated to my community. Instead of buying imported goods just because they sound fancy or because they are cheaper, I am choosing to invest in my home and my community, one dollar at a time.

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