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Lindsay Lohan’s Shoes Line

Lindsay Lohan’s Shoes Line. Although the time to get a lashing because the design for the Ungaro fashion house, progress Lindsay Lohan in the fashion world is not going to end. He also plans to issue a line of shoes.
Lindsay planned to expand its business by issuing a line of shoes for her clothes label 6126. By taking inspiration from vintage Hollywood style, the woman who just got out of rehab that want to make shoes that are comfortable yet in the forefront of fashion.
“I took inspiration from the ‘old Hollywood glamor’ and add an edgy modern twist. That is the key to making shoes that are comfortable, timeless and can be worn in the afternoon till night,” says Lindsay told People magazine.
According to star partners ‘Freaky Friday’, Kristi Kaylor, shoes Lindsay emphasis on classic styles that ‘update’ such as shoe wedges and riding boots. In addition, Kaylor also explained that Lindsay was involved into the whole creative process.
“He came to the meeting by bringing photographs and materials. He took his shoes to be more specific. He’s very prepared, and that all the time,”said Kaylor.
Lindsay plans to manufacture this line of shoes did not seem to play, he wants high-quality shoes. Therefore, she immediately ordered his shoes materials from Europe and not glued to the trend but want a fashionable design. Prices offered Lindsay shoes ranging from U.S. $ 100 – U.S. $ 450

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