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Lindsay Lohan Poisoned!

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Alex Jones explains why Lindsay Lohan, and along extension billions of Americans is beingness poisoned on methamphetamine style does drugs alike methylphenidate that cause brain shrinking, heart troubles and a myriad of additional carks. Alex as well highlightings however selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor prozac does drugs is turning people into psychopaths and leading to a massive increase in suicides and additional reckless behaviour.

Young young woman* and even babes is at once coming in puberty as a result of milk laced on hormones, Bisphenol A and a toxic cocktail by additional absorbed substances.

Alex as well highlightings the deadly threat by sodium fluoride and how it causes intelligence quotient decrease, bone up Cancer the Crab, and however vaccinums is as well adding to an massive and sustained chemic aggress about free human beings because the globalists’ eugenics agenda goes into high appurtenances.…

The wellness by our country are in grave condition. We poisonous substance ourselves with the water and food contaminated by man-made toxins. Then we poison our bears in mind and humans on untold number by prescription medicine*. At once five by six fresh does drugs about the market don’t even treat the conditions for which they are prescribed.

We must wake up and take action. Our bodies and environments must be clean so human race can continue it’s global awakening to the New World Order. Read the ever expanding list of SSRI stories and do an image search for “DU babies” and see photos I could not bring myself to show you in this video

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