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Katy Perry On Live Stage

Katy Perry
Image by The Toad via Flickr

Them was not exactly amazing when Katy Perry’s recent section for Sesame Street was “deemed too racy”. The incidental did not appear to make the pop star frown, all the same. She, as a matter of fact, wore an low-cut Elmo tee shirt on a recent Saturday Night Live skit.

Her Sesame Street section accepted comprised scheduled to air? during the show’s 41st season premier on September 27th. It’s been axed, but to poke fun at it all, Perry played “a busty 16-year-old library volunteer named Maureen Dichico” in her SNL skit. Maureen was an client about an talk show, hosted by Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, who remarked on how large Dichico’s chest had gotten since the last time they’d seen her.

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