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How Invisilign Saved my Daughter’s Junior Prom

invisalignNow, by the age of 12, most children are already dealing with teeth straightening. That is, if they haven’t already taken care of it by then. In my daughter’s class at Del Dayo Elementary, ten third-graders already had braces. Back then, we didn’t have the money for a cosmetic procedure like braces, so she didn’t get them like many of her peers. But when we could finally afford them (when she was a junior in high school), she was embarrassed by the idea of having braces, when none of her friends did.

After talking with our daughter and to our Carmichael dentist at My Tooth Spa, we decided to compromise. Although I would never have paid for a treatment like Invisalign before, I learned from our family dentist that Invisalign was a totally affordable alternative to braces.

Our dentist went over the benefits of Invisalign with us, and by the end of the consultation, we had decided to go ahead with it. My daughter was so excited to have the option of straightening her teeth without looking younger than she already did. I knew that high school can be hard, and I didn’t want to make it any harder than it had to be, if I could help it.

As it turns out, Invisalign has comparable pricing to braces, only Invisalign is discrete and easy to use. Our dentist told us that first my daughter would get a mold of her teeth for the Invisalign trays, and the dentist would make several trays to then shift her teeth over time. The process would be pain-free and easy. She could even take the trays off for Junior Prom (my daughter made sure to confirm this).  It would also be much easier to care for her teeth because she could floss and brush her teeth normally, and wouldn’t have to use special floss or tools.  If my daughter wasn’t excited before, she certainly was after she heard all of the benefits that getting Invisalign had.

After 9 months of treatment, my daughter is so happy she got Invisalign. We didn’t even have to go to an orthodontist, we just had to visit the dentist’s office every few weeks to get new trays fitted. The whole process was easy and I am happy to see that my daughter is so excited about her new teeth. She looked just beautiful at her Junior Prom, AND she didn’t have to be wearing braces for her photos.

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