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Gold is the new Gold.

Oxbridge House

Gold has always been a treasured commodity, of course now it’s certainly becoming a more trendy and valuable commodity. Though Oxbridge House has been in the buying/selling of gold business for decades, they are seeing the value in their establishment because many are cashing in on their saved gold. Because of the falling economy and the rising price of gold, Oxbridge House  has become a way for people to get cash from their gold.

Lana, a customer of Oxbridge House, told us that she had come to Oxbridge House because she needed cash to pay rent and feed her children. She didn’t want to have to sell her gold, but she said it was a good option for her. Derek, another customer, simply wanted to cash in on the high price of gold. He had been saving and acquiring gold for years, and was ready for the return.

No matter whether their customers need the money, or are just getting a return on an investment, they are happy to provide fair paybacks. Oxbridge House has a reputation for their honesty and fair dealings. We are sure that you will be happy with your experience and happy with how you are treated under the care of Oxbridge House.


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