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Getting that gold.

Oxbridge HouseWhen I was looking to sell my gold in San Francisco, I came upon a number of different places. One in particular that stood out to me was Oxbridge House because they always give you the current price for gold, even up to the moment they give you the gold. It’s pretty awesome! I came across a few other websites, but it was Oxbridge House that really caught my eye. I did a lot of research as well.

In my research, I looked at a lot of Yelp pages for buying and selling gold San Francisco and came up with a few different places to do so. But it was Oxbridge House that really sold me on services because their website was really professional and it seemed that they really were trying to get loyal customers instead of worrying about simply getting sales. I really respected that about them.

Judging a business based upon their website isn’t always beneficial, but in this case, it was. The professionalism and friendliness communicated on the website was properly translated to the physical location. Those kinds of places can be seedy, but this was none of the such! They treated me with respect and they got the job done. They have made a loyal customer of me!

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