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Finding the Perfect Place for Our Custom Hawaiian Home

My wife and I had been dreaming about building a plantation-style home in Maui for years. We just couldn’t tear ourselves away from the mainland because of our jobs But when I retired, we were able to make this a reality with the expertise of Ken Smith and the Maui Sales team.

We definitely had our eyes on the market, but when we were all the way in Los Angeles, we had to trust that there was someone with their ears on the group looking for the perfect piece of property for us. The last time we were visiting Maui on vacation, we made a meeting with Ken and the Smith Team to talk about what types of properties we were looking for. Even though we were looking for land to build on, we would have been happy with a style of home close to what we were wanting to build.

The meeting went really well and we could tell that he wanted to help us find the perfect piece of land for what we wanted. We told him all of the factors we wanted to meet in potential properties and he got to work! We told him that we were looking for property in the 1 to 1.5 million range, located (preferably) in the North Western region of Maui and with a lovely view of the ocean. Well, we knew we would probably not get an ocean view, but why not let him know that we wouldn’t hate it if we did happen to get one.

Within two months, Maui Sales was able to get us the perfect property that we wanted and at the price we were willing to pay. In fact, they saved us thousands of dollars by negotiating a fair price for us.  And all we had to do was hang out in LA the whole time, we didn’t really need to look for properties our own. With Maui Sales, we felt that we were taken care of.

After having worked on building our home in Maui for six months, progress id finally coming along. Even though buying property instead of buying a home put us back a few months, it was worth it to us to be able to customize our Maui home. Maui was our dream location, why wouldn’t we also try to build and create our dream home?

Now we have a beautiful home and beautiful view. We can even see just the tiniest sliver of the ocean from our house! Thanks to the keen sales eye of Maui Sales, we finally have the home we’ve always wanted. Well, almost.

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