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Are you a trendsetter? Do you find yourself on the cutting edge of fashion? If so, you may find a fashion marketing education the perfect way to launch a new career.

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Fashion marketers generate interest in new styles and products, connecting the public with the world of fashion. In a nutshell, they promote fashion. On the business side, fashion marketers analyze and implement sales strategies, perform inventory control and cost analysis, and stay mindful of profits and losses. On the art side, fashion marketers are creative and innovative, they recognize good clothing when they see it, and they have the ability to sell it to the public. A fashion marketing education will prepare you with both the art and business courses you need to excel in the industry.

Typical fashion marketing responsibilities include: attending fashion shows and visiting designer showrooms; placing orders for clothing and estimating the amount of inventory needed; arranging for the receiving, storage, and display of merchandise; pricing clothes; designing visual displays and ad campaigns and promotions; consulting with fashion designers and consumers; keeping tabs on profits and losses; maintaining the physical appearance of a store; and hiring and training new employees.

Ultimately, fashion marketers are the ones who figure out how to get people to buy fashion designers’ latest creations. They must move trendy items into stores while they’re truly in vogue. But fashion marketers can also create trends by heavily promoting certain looks at the right time. That’s why successful fashion marketers need a solid understanding of consumer psychology and social trends, which they can learn via a fashion marketing education.

Click here to check out some of the best fashion marketing schools in the US

Evidently, fashion marketing training is key to managing the many layers of this industry. Through fashion marketing education programs, you’ll learn how to use textiles, color, and design to create visual merchandising campaigns. Business courses will show you how to develop, analyze, and implement effective sales strategies. You’ll learn how to use computers for cost analysis, inventory control, and other store operations. You’ll also get schooled on merchandise economics, leadership skills, manufacturing, advertising, and store planning.

All told, fashion marketing education programs cover everything from retail buying, window dressing, and producing fashion shows to public relations and consumer behavior. They also explore new opportunities in online retailing, electronic retailing, and catalogue development as alternatives to traditional retailing.

With the right training, you’ll be prepared for an entry-level fashion marketing position with textile, apparel, and pattern manufacturers; fashion salons; high-fashion department stores and specialty shops; fashion magazines; fashion consulting firms; mail order companies; or import and export firms.

If you’ve got the ability to assess people’s apparel as well as their appetites, get ready to set trends in fashion marketing. A fashion marketing education is the first step.

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