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Fathers Day celebrations have gained immense popularity across the globe. No one, who loves one’s father immensely and selflessly, would let Fathers Day go by. Each one of us wants to make an effort on this day to let the special person know, ‘how much he is cared for, loved and needed’. This is the very reason why, and it is fast catching up with Valentine’s Day and Halloween. However, though it is by now a global festival, interestingly enough, Fathers Day across the globe is celebrated at different times of the year in different countries.


Fathers Day is celebrated on more than nineteen different days of the year. While the Fathers Day celebrations take place in Germany on Ascension Day, it is celebrated on the last Sunday of September in Australia and New Zealand. Austria, Ecuador, Belgium usually celebrates Fathers Day on the second Sunday of June. The second Sunday of August brings Fathers Day for Brazil and the second Sunday of July is Fathers Day in Uruguay.


The day most widely chosen by a number of people, remains to be the third Sunday of June. In 2008 Father’s Day falls on the 15 June. Among the countries celebrating this day are USA, Switzerland, France, UK, Greece, India, Argentina, Cuba, Malaysia, and more. As in all other years, Fathers Day 2008 will also be held at different times of the year across the other parts of the globe. In Australia and New Zealand, Father Day 2008 will be celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of September and going by the exact dates, it will be on 7th September.


There is no day, hour or date to honor, respect and shower love for the person who means the most to us and who all his life has selflessly cared for our happiness. There need not be any specific date or time to say how important he is, but at the same time, a specific date certainly highlights the point of concern and gives us a special opportunity to make him feel special as he makes ‘us’ feel every single moment.


Although the days that are celebrated as Fathers Day across the globe are far too many in number, interestingly and understandably enough, the Father’s Day celebrations are celebrated largely on Sundays since the daddies compulsorily have employers or employees to take care of and therefore the best day to shower him with gift is the day on which he doesn’t work. If you still have not decided upon the celebrations, you must remember that it is just round the corner. Thinking of what to give? No matter which part of the world you are residing in, you can always present him with a bag of goodies or other material possessions, but a tight hug and a sweet kiss to tell him “you are there for him”, will surely make his day and make you feel more proud of having “The Best” father in the world. So be a part of the Fathers Day celebrations across the globe this year and take your dad on cloud 9.

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