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Fashion Show at Italian Language School Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan


The school of Italian language for foreigners Leonardo da Vinci in Milan dedicates to all the guys who are fans of fashion but most of all of “made in Italy”, a really unique and special course in a class by itself: Fashion Show.

For the first time in Italy, in fact, a school for foreigners suggests to guys a peculiar way to learn Italian, especially Italian for fashion.

Yes, because thanks to the course Fashion Show, the guys will find themselves in close contact with one of the most important aspects of our culture, that is fashion, learning in this way to know in detail the characteristics that make the ‘made in Italy’ products the center of international fashion.

They will study the history of Italian fashion, but most of all they will learn the use of Italian language in the field of fashion. The course Fashion Show in the school of Milan has a duration of 3 weeks and the next one will take place from 16th February to 7th March, even if further dates are in the works for 2009.

In the first part of the course, (two weeks) students will attend 4 daily lessons of Professional Italian, dwelling especially upon fashion terminology, plus one day of lessons thought by professional operators in the field of fashion.

Therefore, these two weeks will give students the necessary instruments to enjoy the last week of the course, which represents just the heart of Fashion Show, that is the visits to showrooms and runways of the great fashion fairs which will take place in Milan just in that period, “Milano Moda Uomo”, “Milano Moda Donna”, “Moda Prima”.

The course in Fashion Show is therefore an interesting and particular way for learning Italian language, especially if you are studying or you are fans of fashion.

Fashion is one of the main elements of Italian culture, which boasts of really ancient traditions and still today after many years, it has not lost its prestige and high quality.

So guys, if you like the country of Italy, and you would like to deepen your knowledge of Italian language in a constructive and exciting way, the course of Fashion Show is perfect for you! For dates and prices, and all the information about the courses of the Italian school Leonardo da Vinci, consult our website.

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