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Fashion News: America’s Next Top Model Finals

The competition is boiling down to the final contestants on America’s Next Top Model and the remaining girls are finishing up in Morocco! The determination of all the girls to stay in the running to be the next Top Model always makes for great television. In the home stretch the girls are learning more about themselves and taking better photos, which make tuning in for the show even more enjoyable –drama aside.

The models take a journey to Marrakech where they are free to experience local markets, authentic Moroccan food, and fashion. This part of ANTM is a treat for the remaining contestants because not many people will travel to exotic places like Marrakech in their lifetime, not to mention traveling for a modeling assignment.

Next, the girls are shown their luxury home in Marrakech – there’s just one problem – only three beds. So the drama ensues, tow models snap up the single beds while a disgruntled model voices her anger at having to share the supersized bed with the remaining models. Comedy! Luckily someone’s going home soon. Then there should be plenty of room.

No time for drama. The ladies are under pressure to demonstrate their modeling talents while dressed in various So, self-confidence is a must during this portion of the competition. They must impress the judges with not only their beauty, but their preparedness and professionalism as well.

The girls are tasked with taking beautiful pictures in the Marrakech desert and throughout the city. They’ll pose with animals and wear traditional costume and European sophistication. But the biggest task at hand is for each model to keep her head in the game despite setbacks and criticisms.

Some of the models will have less favorable experiences with the difficult modeling challenges that await them (one word: camels and sand). Fortunately, they will have creative director, Jay, to

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