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Modern Australia has an exclusive fashion approach which is able to evidently eminent from European fashion lines. While European fashion has a more formal approach and on the other hand Australian fashion has a more sporty and informal approach. You can define the fashion by cloth, cut, colour, garment styles, garment type and analysis of looks. Preview International Fashion Fabrics is well-renowned for supplying the most beautiful collection of international fashion fabrics in a range of designs, colours and prints in Melbourne. We are obviously Australia’s primary supplier of international fabrics, cotton dress fabric, fashion fabric, wool, cashmere, cotton, French lace and linen.

It is extremely simple to get the best fabric to custom-make the accurate style to compliment you to your fullest, your size and shape truly doesn’t matter. There is numerous international fashion fabrics are available to make your own quality clothing at very reasonable price, so now you need not stay with cheap quality, ill fitted and out of the track clothing. You can get your own style by picking the high quality cotton dress fabric and fashion fabric. Our Melbourne variety of Japanese fabric and other international fabric would always pull you and you truly cannot stop yourself from creating your own style and fit.

We encourage people who are interested in sewing and creating their own style of clothing and offer free consultation service for those who need styling advice and ideal tailoring services to create the most suitable clothes for the finest fir, colour and style. Our international fabrics in Melbourne have inspired some of the finest creations to elegance the catwalks and dangle in the rag trade’s most fashionable and elite boutiques. Our aim is simply to be the best and the most prominent and stylish international fashion fabric supplier in Melbourne. We aim to deliver the original, creative and absolute fashion fabric services and suggestions.

We offer complete professional and honest fashion suggestions and our employees are always ready to assist you to understand and recognize your exact requirement and the exact quantity of fabric you would be needed. We have the broad range of:

• Fashion Fabrics

• Threads

• Wide width laces

• Zippers

• Fusing and interlining

• Every type of trims

• Plain fabrics in an extensive range of colours

• Buckles, Cord, Chains, Buttons

We have won the trust of our customers and this is indeed the primary reason that we are number one fashion fabric supplier in the international fashion industry, and it would have been almost impossible without the faith of the customers. We work so closely with the needs and requirements of our clients. We always encourage our customers to purchase what our customers want, not what we want them to. We have set a fine bargain for our regular buyers in our pricing policy. Finally to maintain in our area of business endeavouring to please our regular customers to the best of our capability and at all times always thankful and attentive for the trust and support of our regular customers.

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