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Christina Applegate Is Pregnant

Christina Applegate is pregnant. The thirty-eight year old breast cancer survivor is anticipating her first child on fiance Martyn Lenoble.
Christina Applegate, early star of ‘Married with Children’ is presently to be just that. Married with a child. Martyn Lenoble advised on Valentines Day after the couple on accepted been dating for 2 years. While they haven’t set a wedding date they will be expecting their first child early next year. It will be the second marriage for both parties.
Martyn Lenoble is a founding member of the 90’s band smut for Pyros. Lenoble helped Christina Applegate through with one of the most toughened times in her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.
Applegate underwent double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. “I have a small but mighty support system and Martyn has really been an incredible part of my life,” Applegate told Us Weekly magazine. “Without him, I don’t know if I could’ve gone through any of it. He came around at a time when there was a lot of loss in my life on many levels, so he’s been a really incredible help.”
Christina Applegate and Martyn Lenoble will be great parents,” tweeted one Clevelander. What are your thoughts on Christina Applegate’s pregnancy?

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