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Chinese Flag Raising By The White House – Red China Flag Over Washington – Legacy of President Obama

Yes, it is true, it actually happened: the Red Chinese flag flew by the White House. In the struggle between freedom and tyranny, would a foreign power ever have dared or been allowed by any previous president to stage a flag-raising ceremony by the White House in Washington, DC on official land? On September 20, 2009, this changed forever as the Communist Chinese flag was raised on the Ellipse, across from the White House (not the South Lawn) by the Chinese ambassador in a Chinese-language-only ceremony destined for broadcast on Chinese government television. This is the legacy of President Obama’s policies, and we can only imagine how previous presidents would have dismissed such a request. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Communist dictatorship by appropriating the visuals of the very symbols of freedom in Washington DC would have been unthinkable under previous presidents; nor would such nations imagined they could get away with such a propaganda coup. Yet, regardless of framing the celebration as an act of friendship with the United States, the question is raised if China would reciprocate with a US flag raising in Tiananmen Square? Sometimes propaganda displays don’t go according to plan, and this video includes uncut the raising of the Chinese flag upside down and other mistakes for a total of 4 raisings; perhaps a bad omen for the dictators but a good omen for freedom in China. We wish to express our friendship with the people and culture of China, and we

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