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Celebrity advertising is worth celebrating?

the field of consumer behavior is the study of the individual, group or organization and processes. Although many factors influence the purchase decision process, but using the right celebrity has a great impact on consumers.

Marketers pay millions to celebrities, hoping they can refer to endorse their brands and make them more attractive and successful. The effectiveness of using a celebrity, a business can support the product will be generally improved with the perfect image of the celebrity personality and approach of the product or desired target market. There is a strong correlation between the appearance, knowledge, sympathy, credibility and the credibility of the advertising and purchase intent.

The theory behind the use of celebrity is that celebrities in advertising has a cultural significance, born of the unique- an image they are constructed through various forms of media. In the participation of celebrity with the product they are given a special meaning for the products or brands. In a competitive market, a famous face can give a brand an added attraction and it will thrive. Celebrities have particular configurations of meanings that can not be found elsewhere.

sports stars are often popular, more and more every endorser clothing, vehicles. For example, used Nike basketball star Michael Jordan as a person since 1985 and said the Air Jordan line has been sold. In December 2000, Venus Williams has signed the performance contract the most lucrative ever for an athlete when a three-year contract with Reebok International provides supposedly worth $ 40 million.

another popular area for out of the Celebrities in the music industry. One of the famous singer Britney Spears has sung its way across the Pepsi commercials in 2005. Adnan Sami performed the same process in the Asian market for the ad for Pepsi. In the same vein, companies often support to actors, actresses and models for their products.
However, in addition to the exorbitant costs, there are risks and dangers associated with the use of celebrities in advertising. The best plans can even turn against. Madonna Pepsi signed a multi-million dollar offer for the Pepsi campaign. Then, the controversy over the religious imagery in Madonna of “prayer” lost movie has led to the threat of a consumer boycott of Pepsi and $ 10,000,000. Cybill Shepherd promoting the beef industry flop when she publicly admitted that they rarely ate red meat. These examples are but a few problems with celebrities. Unfortunately, there are hidden dangers in the use of celebrities. A call to the Celebrity consumption may fade if the celebrities light up the media disappears before the end of his contract.

With so many dangers abound, why use celebrities? Many people think that advertisers advertising leading more effectively. The use of celebrities has proven to lead to higher recall of an advertisement. For example, in the spring of 2001 were completed with Revlon models and Celebrity hire unknowns as compared to their campaigns, thinks that the models for women, where they could relate easily. In November 2001, this decision was reversed and it began, 10 celebrities rent as Julianne Moore and Halle Berry, after losing 6 percent market share of cosmetics from the previous year.

The above examples reflect the importance of celebrities on the product and its effects. Advertisers must be understood before selecting celebrities. For example, a make-up companies targeting young and old women, and the Memorandum of celebrity can not be selected for young women to a letter of intent for older women. used

consumers, associations of the mark, perhaps to build their own identity as faithful to the brand and less likely to competing brands response to a price reduction, special exhibitions are on, the combination of tactics and coupons.

To evaluate the effectiveness of a celebrity, must take into account the three elements of the celebrity image, brand and consumer is entitled to be taken.
The celebrities can be used to reduce conflicts between nations or countries. Adnan Sami live in India and Pakistan Annie, two were released and in the Pepsi commercial. Pepsi ad that led the markets of Pakistan and India. This kind of advertisement shows the good relations between countries or nations.

good use of celebrity plays a crucial role in the success of the brand and the ads on the target market. Selection of celebrity requires a detailed study to predict their impact on the target market. Businesses need the complete process of research, conducted before the selection of celebrity for his association with the desired product, especially in consumer goods (FMCG) celebrities “, the selection is essential.

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