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CBRE & Me!

CBREThe best part about having a successful company is getting to plan an expansion. However, for me, it’s the planning that stresses me out the most. I was really excited to know that I was going to be able to afford to expand my company to Roseville, but I was even more excited to work with CBRE again because I had such a great time working with them when I was looking for a new place in Sacramento.

The last time they helped me find a space was when I was originally looking to get a retail space in Sacramento. They did a great job and I found a place in less than three months. They also made sure I had a great deal and was in an ideal location for my market. They did such a great job that I didn’t hesitate to call them when I decided to head for the hills of Roseville.

In the same way they did before, CBRE made sure that I visited locations that would fit for my business– they are savvy and are also creative with how a space should be filled, etc. There is no question that when I begin expanding throughout, California, that I will choose them to help me get retails property.

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