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Heating Woes

2 13 seer heat pump 2 JPG Heating WoesAs the temperatures begin to drop in Sacramento, I shall tell you a cautionary tale. It is one which would have been a cautionary tale of woe had it not been for Alley Heating & Air, heating and HVAC repair Sacramento. They happened to send an advertisement in the mail the same week my heater decided to break down. It was nothing short of a miracle that they were able to come out to fix it the very same day.


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Hot August Nights

comfort achp Puron 1024x854 Hot August NightsThe thing about August is that it can go one of two ways: become inexplicably cool and gorgeous, or become exponentially and terribly hot. The latter was pretty much the kind we got last summer, which was unfortunate because it’s also the summer that my air conditioning unite decided to break during. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of Alley Heating & Air.


Precise is Nice!

Windshield Repair Rock Chip Precise is Nice!The last time we had to replace a windshield, we didn’t have good luck. We had someone do it that was a friend of a friend and I was trusting that it was someone who would do a good job. It wasn’t– and so I called Precision Auto Glass. They immediately told us that we should come in and get it taken care of right away. So I guess that I should have done my research!


Beauty on the inside and out.

Window Cleaning Sacramento 1 Beauty on the inside and out.The best part about getting new windows, is the improvement not only to the outside of your home, but also the inside. And for a window installer you can trust, make sure to call California Window Masters. Their name says it all– they truly are masters at their craft. They can tell you exactly what materials fit best with the rest of your home and they can also save you money on your monthly energy bill.


No Fun in the Sun

 No Fun in the Sun Alley Heating & Air is a Sacramento a/c repair company and they were there for me when I needed them. They came out right away to take a look at the problem. I woke up one morning in a panic. It was so hot in the house! Had one of the kids accidentally reached the thermostat and turned it off? I went to check hoping that was the case, but was so confused when everything looked normal. It started to sink in that, oh, our a/c was broken.


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