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California Window MastersThe best part about getting new windows, is the improvement not only to the outside of your home, but also the inside. And for a window installer you can trust, make sure to call California Window Masters. Their name says it all– they truly are masters at their craft. They can tell you exactly what materials fit best with the rest of your home and they can also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

You’re ears probably perked up at the phrase “they can save you money,” and they can do absolutely just that! When you request energy efficient windows to be installed, you can save 13% ever month on your energy bill. That sure ads up over the course of a year, two years or ten years. It’s definitely worth the investment to make your home look great and function great!

Not only that, but California Window Masters do the best work around! They are probably the most experienced and friendly window installers in the San Jose area– they have been doing business for decades! If you need to get new windows installed and you also want to save money on your monthly energy bill, be sure to call California Window Masters!!!.


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