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Beautiful Women in the Paris Auto Show

Special day for journalists (press days) capital of France automobile appearance 2010 accepts all over. All freshly model automobiles are now no longer a secret. The cars supercar, sportcars, hybrid cars, electric cars, and concept cars have been displayed all the best.

The community of interests can see all from it, either through teleivisi, cyberspace, or direct visit. Price of the cars also varies, from which you will be able to reach a mediocre executives, to which can only be bought by wealthy tycoons.

The exhibition in the fashion capital of the world, not only leave an impression about the car models are beautiful, but also the women who stand guard fragrant and gorgeous.

Media autoevolution review that the women stand guard that has made this exhibition becomes more beautiful and lively. In fact they call, “It’s more beautiful than the machines that exhibited itself,” the report said, Monday, October 4, 2010.

Various types of women in the exhibition that was held until 17 October. Starting from the female type of stern, serious type, the type of Barbie, the type of teaser, and also the type of flirtatious.

No doubt, the presence of beautiful women with fantastic body has become an important element in the exhibition vehicle. How could I not, with these beautiful women, visitors will be more comfortable in the booth.

But not only beautiful, these women have been trained. They know the ins and outs of the vehicles they guard. They understand about the specification, the history of development, to production.

The following galleries guards stand at the Paris Auto Swoh 2010.

Woman serious type
Women Barbie type

Women’s stern type

Women’s exciting type

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