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Personal Injury Attorneys Chico Saved My Job!

How to Become a Personal Injury Lawyer Personal Injury Attorneys Chico Saved My Job!When I was injured riding my bike a few months ago, I became really worried that I would lose my job. Recovery would take 2 to three months and I wouldn’t be able to take that much time off work without getting fired. I called Chico Personal Injury Attorney and they were able to provide the services I needed to make sure I would have time to recover as well as keep my job.

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Life Saving Repair!

 Life Saving Repair!Ok, I’m being a little dramatic. I don’t mean a live-saving operation or anything. I mean that Precision Auto Glass helped me get my windshield repaired and get off of the side of the road and back on track to get to my son’s graduation. I don’t think my wife would have actually killed me if I didn’t show to out first born’s high school graduation, but I’m glad I didn’t have to find out!

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The Bay Area Dentist for Me!

 The Bay Area Dentist for Me!When I turned 40, I decided that I was going to do something for myself as a birthday present to myself. I recently saw a video on YouTube from Dr. Bernstein, a Bay Area cosmetic dentist, and felt like getting a new smile from him would be the best gift I could ever receive. He sounded like a great dentist who actually cares about his clients.

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Oops, I broke my windshield.

 Oops, I broke my windshield.Thank goodness Precision Windshield Repair in Sacramento was able to help me figure out exactly what I needed to do to fix my windshield. It was a really cold day, especially for Sacramento when it happened. I woke up late and forgot that I needed an extra ten minutes to let my car warm up! I poured hot water on my windshield to defrost it and the entire windshield cracked!

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Smile and say CHEESE!

le sourire Smile and say CHEESE!I’ve been insecure about my smile for my entire life! But it wasn’t until this year that I finally decided to call All New Smiles and do something about it. When I told my friend I was thinking about getting cosmetic dental work done, she told me that she knew a great cosmetic dentist. I was thrilled. Before I knew it, I was on the phone with the receptionist at All New Smiles scheduling my first appointment.

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The thing about Moving to Seattle.

 The thing about Moving to Seattle.I moved to Seattle from Kent a few weeks ago, and it was such a horrendous move. I only heard later about Puget Sound Movers, a local mover in Kent. I wish I had thought to hire a professional– I think my moving weekend would have gone so much smoother if I did.

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Drowning in DUI Sorrow

 Drowning in DUI SorrowI was pretty down after I got my DUI. Of course that would be pretty expected since getting a DUI can damage your reputation, get you into debt, and bankrupt your psyche as well. I was lucky enough to have a good Chico DUI attorney who got me through the mess relatively unscathed. I was really lucky that I found them online.

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